Wednesday, 7 September 2016

September 7th 2016 Edition

Today's Apps Gone Free

Let your child explore a mass of wonderful entertainment, make even better films, have a perfect view of your day’s events, get fashion advice, and solve a mystery with today’s collection of apps and games.

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow - Point & Click Adventure Escape Game

by Point & Click LLC

Look for and analyze clues to recover what is now forgotten.
It’s a entertaining point and click-style puzzler.

Something happened a decade ago that’s now buried in your mind. Revisit the place where it all happened. Try to spark memories. Put the pieces together. The conclusion could be terrifying.
If you enjoy the crime investigations and problem solving.

Future – Calendar events around the clock

by Matic Leban

See the day’s events literally go around the clock.
It displays your schedule in the most logical format.

In Future, activities are shown as shaded areas, occupying sections of a circle that coincide with the time on a traditional 12-hour clock. Tap on any one of the colored segments to see the name and other details in the list below. Moving the clock hand changes the time frame.
If you have trouble managing a daily schedule using the conventional calendar and list layouts.

iPhocus - Manual camcorder - Focus, Exposure, ISO and White Balance controls for your videos like in a DSLR

by Motion Apps, LLC

Adjust focus, exposure, light sensitivity, and white balance while recording videos.
This provides features for film makers that most pro camera apps offer to photographers.

Whether you want to change the focus from a foreground object or person to the background scene or improve color and contrast, iPhocus has the tools to make that happen. Similar to popular camera apps, the adjustment controls include touch gestures and sliders, plus possible remote control, so you can review without being the one directly behind the recording device.
It’s for those who want better manual control at the first stage of filmmaking.
If you want all-in-one. There’s no zoom functionality nor post editing tools, such as filters and effects.

Gardenscapes - New Acres

by Playrix

Restore a garden to its former glory in Gardenscapes. It’s our sponsored game today, so please download it and give it a try in order to support AppsGoneFree.
Fans of matching games will enjoy this colorful treat.

Leave the city behind and rebuild your uncle’s once great garden by matching colorful fruits, flowers, seeds, and herbs. Swipe to swap tiles and create matches of three or more. Larger matches will create special power-ups that’ll help you achieve your goals before running out of moves. If you’re successful, your reward will be new items to decorate your garden. The game includes hundreds of levels, a fun cast of characters, and the ability to become neighbors with your Facebook friends.
If you’re a fan of match-three games, check out Gardenscapes today. Its bright, casual gameplay will keep you coming back for more.
It’s a free-to-play game.

Posy - Stylebook for Fashion Trends, Outfit Ideas & Trendy Clothes Ideas


Get and give fashion advice.
There’s no better community than those who have the same passion.

Post a selfie of you in any outfit and receive compliments as well as style advice from others who care and likely in the know. Of course, it goes both ways, where you can vote and offer up tips. Additionally, you can peruse what’s trending for inspiration.
If you’re a fashion enthusiast or just want an opinion on your outfit;
You do need to create an account or link to a Facebook profile.